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3D Services is the supreme printing and designing technology for low volume service parts for those who do not have the required tools, experts, to create a high-quality model. More and more industries are adopting this innovative, fast and cost-effective technology. You can print your own unique custom design without any need of tools in less time. We offer in-house:

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With 3D printing, we can provide you a vast range of technology with technical materials. Render Wise has been serving many major brands and marketing agencies, we provide them all kind of best creative 3D solutions.

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FDM Printer

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is the 3D printing machine that is being used for many projects. In this, the printing process begins with a string of solid material known as the filament. There is a reel attachment with the 3D printer in the line of the filament to a heated nozzle which is present in the 3D printer that heats up the material and when the material melts, it starts creating the model. All the commands are given by the software on the computer. Furthermore, after the model completion, it instantly cools down the object and makes it solid.

MultiJet 3D Printer

MultiJet Printer or MJP is the most advanced 3D printing machine that uses an inkjet process to build objects of customized patterns, parts, and molds with fine feature detail that handles a variety of applications. This printer is capable of printing extremely smooth and precise parts with highly complex geometries at a relatively low printer cost. It’s a great choice for the investment of casting patterns to get sharp-edge detail and high-resolution output.

Like other 3D printings, the process starts with slicing a 3D file into the required number of layer pieces. You can create a model of high-quality resolution, layers can be as thin as 16 microns which is equal to the one-sixth part of a human hair. This 3D printer decreases labor and time for printing parts such as dental, medical, jewellery, or aerospace materials etc.

Advantages of 3D Printing with MultiJet Printer: