Bondable Buccal Tubes

Buccal Tubes are considered as the reincarnation of anchorage. We believe that customizing technology is a lot more than just thinner walls and smooth tubes. Wise-Tubes are manufactured from advanced MIM technology in extremely high-grade 17/4 stainless steel.

  • Manufactured from the best stainless steel.
  • Strong, smooth and rounded for ultimate patient comfort
  • Feature a low profile design
  • Wise-Tube offer true torque in base, maximizing torque expression and minimizing occlusal interferences
  • The hooks are integral part of the cast stainless steel structure
  • Come with an 80-gauge mesh with undercuts for maximum bonding strength
  • Compound contour design and precision torque assure the best clinical results
  • Centered funnel eases wire placement
Wise Buccal Tubes
Wise Buccal Tubes

Available as:

  • First Molar and Second Molar Tubes
  • ROTH and MBT prescriptions
  • Convertible and Non-Convertible Tubes

Sizes available

  • 0.022